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hannah montana 笔记

pretty please 求求你了 D.L(俚语down low)秘密地 goody-goody 自以为是的人 grounded 关禁闭 hold up 稍等,别走 figure things out 把事情想清楚 not ruin the beautiful moment 别破坏这美好气氛 jet set 玩酷子弟 cutting into time 占用时间 deep down 实际上,内心里 blown away 震惊留下深刻印象 chick 年轻女孩 count your blessings 往好处想 grossing you out 冒犯,把你恶心死 bounce back 恢复原状 licorice-mint 甘草薄荷口香糖 get a rip 掌握,获得 camping trip 野营 pop quiz 突击测试 hillbilly 乡巴佬 to take credit for sth 把某事归功于某人 lattes 拿铁 looking so fine 气色不错 baby girl 宝贝儿 itching 挠痒 itching to do sth 心痒痒很想做某事 good shot 很有可能 be into sb 喜欢上某人 spit-swear 吐唾沫在手上握手 pinky-swear 勾小指头 too little too late 太晚了做什么也没用了 to butt in 搅局 get it 弄明白crushing 抱有好感counting on 依靠tight 好朋友的关系cut me some slack 给我点特殊优待whoo doggies 哦 天哪drama queen 戏剧女王it is not a big deal 那不算什么cheese 起士 my bad 我的错 nice try 得了吧 get over 想开点 don‘t sweat it 别担心 big bowl of 非常 talk the talk,walk the walk 说到做到 good to go 准备好了 make fun of 嘲笑 look on the bright side of something 从乐观角度看 cross your fingers 交叉手指 祈祷好运 deal 成交 ask out 邀请外出 make up 编造 put your foot outta your month 别再犯傻了 check it out 来看看 keep up 专心点 chill 放松点 to have a feeling 预感,感觉 take it easy 慢慢来 twofer 买一送一的两张票 have somebody up on a pedestal 把某人当偶像崇拜 work out 问题解决,结局不错 get the short end of the stick 吃亏 fall through the cracks 被忽视 throw in the towel 认输 punk’d 被愚弄 likely story 跟真的似的 I got my eyes on you 我在注意着你 geek 怪人 hip 时髦的 blah blan blan 叽里咕噜 gotcha you 你被耍了 totally 完全地 walk away 停止做某事 palooza狂欢 聚会 be big很流行 you betcha 那还用说 mullet 鸡冠朋克头 I'm on the case 我正在解决这个问题 for your own good 为你自己好 to bail on somebody 背弃(朋友) to be there for someone 支持(某人) mess up 搞砸 to put something behind yourself 抛到脑后 I got your back我会支持你的 DORK白痴 DORKIER大白痴 take a nap(a short sleep)睡个大头觉 cheerleading 拉拉队 mascot 吉祥物 blast 开心的事情 uniform 制服 be fired 被开除 for your own good 为你自己好 to bail on sb 背弃(朋友) to be there for someone 支持(某人) mess up 搞砸 to put sth behind yourself 抛在脑后 I got you back 我会支持你的 give someone some space 给某人一点空间 awesome 太棒了 sup 还好吧,您吃了吗 get the guts 有胆子 long story short 长话短说 thumb war 拇指大战 charity 慈善组织 raise money 募捐 where were we 我们刚才说道哪儿了 the foundraiser competition 募款比赛 thumb war 拇指大战 70's dance 七十年代化妆舞会 all-time great 最棒的 no offense 无意冒犯 learn her lesson 得到教训 the ship has sailed 时机已过 super fly 很棒 stand out 表现突出 nobody knows what's around the corner 谁知道下一步会发生什么 keep dreaming 做你的白日梦去吧 join the club 彼此彼此 undercover 秘密的 I can't stand up 我再也受不了了 blow it 搞砸 one in a million 百万分之一,非常稀有 toodles 再见 to break up 分手断绝关系 bump up 遇见 break the ice 破冰 寒喧 funny boom 幽默感 just face 面对现实 hang out (和朋友)在一起 just face it 面对现实 follow my lead跟着我做 cave妥协,屈服 tell me about it那还用说,就是嘛 have a cow不爽 big time非常严重 give somebody the chills让人感动 got you逮住你了,你完蛋了 let's boogie我们走吧 sick as a dog病得厉害 stuck with something被某事困住了 come in handy派上用场 one-of-a-hind非常特别的 sick of the little 'angel'厌烦这个讨厌的小天使 blow up发火 raise加薪 no pain no gain有耕耘才有收获 deserve值得,拥有 sooner or later迟早 thing it through深思熟虑 under wraps秘密的,不公开 worth a shot值得一试 load off卸下心头重担 hold her horses自我克制 sell out出卖自己的信誉 real deal事实 selling out is no breeze好不容易

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